Textured ceiling removal


When moving into a new home, reselling or buying it, we want every aspect of the home to be in as close to perfect condition as possible. Colours, design, the furniture, walls and ceilings. Ceilings are an important part of the house that many people tend to forget needs some attention but sooner or later there’s no choice but to deal with the ceiling as well. Ceilings can be textured or just plain smooth. Textured ceilings are sometimes damaged and need removal or replacement. Textured ceiling can either be blown on or painted; it depends on the preference of the owner.

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There are a few reasons why one can choose to remove or renovate their ceiling:

  • Water-damage, this can be very destructive to a textured ceiling as the texture takes on water, it becomes malleable and is easily damaged
  • Smoke-damage, smoke particles find themselves in all the nooks and crannies of the popcorn texture, this is a disaster to even consider cleaning.
  • Mold-damage, this is common in older homes that have poor humidity conditions.

At GTAceiling.site we have been in the game of popcorn removal for decades and know all the ins and outs of the process to get the job finished safely, on time and at the most competitive prices out there. Trying to get the textured ceiling removed by yourself is definitely not recommended as there could be severe health dangers if there is asbestos detected in the old texture.


There are several reasons one would remove the textured ceiling, here are just a few.

  • Cracked ceilings.Top stucco ceiling removal company in Toronto
  • A textured ceiling that is in serious need of repair.
  • If the textured ceiling makes a home look outdated.
  • If there is a health hazard linked to asbestos in the popcorn ceiling.

Removal of textured ceiling does not take much time when you leave it to experts, the job will get done safely in a timely manner and you won’t have to deal with the mess and believe it there will be a mess. Consulting with professionals about when to remove or replace the textured ceilings, which type of design to use, how to clean it and some general do’s and don’ts is highly recommended.


This is better than scraping if you have lead in the paint or asbestos, because you cover the harmful substance instead of agitating it into an airborne state where it’s the most hazardous. This will also get the smoothest result, of course in the hands of a pro this will be even more true. The only draw back is that this method does come at a price.


A smooth ceiling isn’t always fitting when someone is trying to recapture the history of a home, many old-house owners are looking for that look. The most important thing is to make sure that the structure can handle extra weight since adding a wet product can possibly create to much weight for the ceiling to handle. If you use this option, consider a quick-set drywall compound.


The most common method of removing popcorn ceiling is to scrape it off. It is by far the messiest and it takes a while to finish. It is however the most cost-effective and can be done by one person. When the texture tests positive for asbestos however, the health hazards associated with may call for a professional to take over to finish the job safely. If there isn’t asbestos in the texture, but the ceiling has been painted, it may be nearly impossible to scrape it as the pre-soaking of the ceiling won’t work. Then a drywall over the ceiling may be the better option.

It’s was a design fad that ran its course for a few decades, popcorn ceiling has too many negatives associated with it and now is only worth dating a place that still has it. Take into consideration the above information, and at GTAceilings.site we have a team of experts that are willing to impart free information as well as a free quote for your particular project.