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Removing stucco ceiling can increase the value of your home in Toronto ON

As much as people don’t like popcorn ceiling in their home in Toronto and the GTA, there are some positives to it. The textured ceiling works as a sound dampener and works as a concealer of any abnormalities in the ceiling. Due to it’s outdated look, it might be problematic and repel potential buyers as it does maintain this “outdated” stigma. Though not recommended, it is possible to remove this textured ceiling on your own and have something more modern and stylish installed to increase the property value and up your chances of selling it.

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ASBESTOS Removal in Toronto

Some concoctions of textured ceiling in the past, have used asbestos in them. These potentially hazardous ceilings are exactly that, “potentially hazardous” this is because if the material isn’t agitated, then there is no danger to people. However removing this material will aggravate and release dangerous asbestos into the air. Asbestos has been stopped from being used in this material since 1978, however whatever has been made up to that point with asbestos was given a pass to be used, and for that reason it can be found in installations after that date. Only if you are absolutely sure that your ceiling doesn’t have asbestos can you go ahead and try to do it yourself. But if you aren’t , it’s recommended to take a sample to a professional certified lab to get it tested. If it does come back as positive for asbestos, you have one of two options. Leave it alone, or hire an abatement professional to have it properly removed.


Though messy and tiring, to remove a popcorn ceiling that doesn’t have asbestos is a relatively easy process. You’ll have to take everything out of the room and drape drop cloths or tarps over the floors. For added dust protection, you can plug outlets with child safety plugs, ceiling fans and lighting fixtures can be wrapped with plastic. Dust masks and goggles are always recommended for protection. Moisten the textured ceiling with water using a spray bottle, continue to scrape of the popcorn with a drywall knife or something of the sort.  You can also go in with a power sander.

REPAIR THE CEILING After removing the stucco

The ceiling beneath will have to most likely need some repair after you have removed the popcorn ceiling. Seeing that sometimes its for that reason that people install popcorn ceiling in the first place, to mask the flaws. You hide holes, nails, screws and gouges using drywall compound and applied with a putty knife. You can then even down the ceiling with a sander after the the drywall compound has cured for that smooth finish you’ve been going for.

CEILING COVERING in toronto Ontario

A covering can then be decided upon once the popcorn ceiling has been removed and repairs. Paint is always an option, as it can bring a different feeling to the room using ceiling paint. If its selling the home you are looking to do, the next owner may or may not like the colour you picked, and that’s when the timeless white is probably your safe bet. You can re texture with a more modern approach to the design. Ultimately it’s to increase the value of your home so whatever makes sense for you economically to do is what you should go for.

You can do this dirty job on your own, however it really is a mess and we would suggest going with a professional, especially if asbestos is involved. In the end it will slightly increase the value of a home, however it has ore to do with perceived value which is ultimately what matters. There are countless situations where potential home buyers walk right out of the house once they see the popcorn ceiling. 

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Cost of popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto

Popular from the 50s – 80s, popcorn ceiling also known as cottage cheese textured (due to it’s physical resemblance) ceiling, was an easy to apply material that provided homes in Toronto with an acoustic dampening quality and was good at covering imperfections in the ceiling. Later on though, the link of asbestos (which was in most of the popcorn ceilings in North America) and hazardous health opted for a whole industry dedicated to the removal of textured ceilings from homes. Popcorn ceiling removal can be a DIY as there are kits out there that provide step by step instructions, however it is always recommended to go with a professional (especially when it comes to health hazards).

Repairing a popcorn ceiling by patching can be an expensive and difficult endeavour, hence it’s usually better to just remove it all together. Also, the deign is quite literally “stuck in the 80s” which is another common reason for removing the texture. Popcorn ceiling of course doesn’t have to automatically be removed, there are pros and there   are cons to having the material on your ceilings.

Cost and price estimates in Toronto for popcorn ceiling removals


  • Has pretty good acoustic dampening quality
  • Very economic to instal
  • Easy to instal


  • It was common for older applications to have asbestos in it which can be extremely hazardous
  • Cleaning and painting proved to be very difficult because if its texture.
  • Repairing popcorn ceiling was also a difficult task
  • It’s a heavy material

The following are the steps taken to remove the popcorn ceiling in Toronto ON:

  • The homes prepped according to the room or rooms needing the removal, plastic sheets spread over walls and floors to protect as removing this stuff does get messy.
  • Asbestos testing is done prior to any removal, as agitating any material that does contain asbestos is hazardous to health.
  • The ceiling is then sprayed with water and allowed to soak it up and dampen before any scraping begins.
  • After scraping the desired ceilings in the house, the ceiling is then smoothed out and made even readying it for its next treatment.

Breaking down the cost

In this example for simplicity we will be using a 10’x10′ ceiling.


Plastic sheets, drop cloths, water sprayer. all these will add up to $70-$130.


Generally, contractors will charge on the square footage of a ceiling and not an hourly labour cost. Depending on the size of the room and the age/quality of the popcorn ceiling, and if there is asbestos and/or paint. The average cost per square foot is $1.30- $4 and normally the cost of materials would included in the square footage price.

Improvements and enhancements

  • A new texture added to the newly smooth out ceiling can cost $260- $300
  • Painting the new ceiling would on average cost $100-$150 professionally done.

Extra costs and considerations

  • High ceilings can run an additional cost of $70-$190 depending on the height.
  • Furniture has to be removed before the removal process can begin, usually homeowners can do this. If however you leave it to the professionals, there can be an additional cost added.
  • When popcorn ceiling has been painted, it takes much longer for the ceiling to soak the initial water as it doesn’t saturate as easy due to the paint. This will also run additional costs to the total, and that cost will vary depending on if the paint is enamel-paint or non-enamel paint.
  • If asbestos is found in the popcorn ceiling, there are only two options: Leave it alone or remove it.

Leave it: Asbestos only becomes hazardous if it is agitated, therefore if it is left alone it is harmless.

Remove it: Removing asbestos from the popcorn ceiling will add extra steps to the process which will add extra costs. It is not recommended removing it yourself but rather getting a   professional to do it, your best bet is to hire a professional who specializes in popcorn ceiling asbestos removal. Everyone onsite will have to wear protective gear and the homeowners will most likely have to leave the house while the project is being done. If hotels are an only option, then that is also an additional cost to the project.

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